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Bring Me On As A Speaker

I know it can be vulnerable to admit we don't know something - especially if we're in a role where we're supposed to be the "expert" be it as a company leader or as a care worker. But the truth is, we're all human beings with things to learn (how wonderful!). I would love to help you expand your knowledge and skill base so that you can cultivate a healthy, more sustainable work culture, safely and competently work with clients of expansive identities and backgrounds, and bring a more trauma-informed and trauma-resourced approach to your work and your life!

I also believe media can be a fantastic, accessible way to bring these important issues to a wide audience and I welcome interviews and other collaborations.

Bring me to your group or podcast!

Workshop and Interview Topics Available From Me: 

  • Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma, and Burnout

  • Mindfulness Practices for Mental Health

  • Somatic Self-Care and Healing Practices

  • LGBTQ+ Competency for Service Professionals

  • LGBTQ+ DEI Trainings for Workplaces

  • Trauma (Complex, Interpersonal, Intergenerational, Historical, Systemic)

  • Trauma-Informed Practices

  • Relationships and Attachment

  • Sex Worker Competency 

  • Sex-Positivity 

  • Kink and BDSM Awareness 

from past workshop participants:

"Excellent information and much needed! I would encourage everyone to attend this great workshop [Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma, and Burnout]. The information shared is very beneficial for anyone, but especially if you are working in the social services field."

 Cynthia Coleman, Social Service Worker & Career Coach

"Rachel was an engaging, passionate, and knowledgeable speaker who educated us on LGBTQIA+ communities and how to work with these communities more competently and compassionately as practitioners. Her style was accessible and energizing, and it enlivened and empowered participants." – Laura Wynn, LMSW, Institute for Family Health & the Jewish Board

“Very informative presentation including content shared, offering helpful tips and suggestions, as well as, engaging in the chat to further the conversation. I think this was the most soothingly passionate training I’ve ever attended!”
K. Conger, DOHMH

"Rachel conducted a very insightful workshop on working with LGBTQIA+ communities. When I asked various questions, her answers regarding these social justice issues were very informative. Not only did this influence my practice with LGBTQ clients, but it has influenced my everyday conversations outside of my profession." – Roxie Williams, LMSW, Jacobi Medical Center. 

Past workshop and training appearances include:

Rachel Harlich has given multiple workshops to United Way chapters including on LGBTQ+ Competent Social Services.
Rachel Harlich presented at MHA 2022 on Somatic Self Care Practices.
Rachel Harlich trained all outpatient mental health programs and residential staff at The Bridge on LGBTQ+ Competent Social Services and Mental Health Care.
Rachel Harlich has trained hundreds of Social Workers on providing LGBTQ Therapy and Social Services.

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One last thing!

Find my upcoming live workshops here and my recorded workshops here.

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